Choosing the Right Feather flag for your Business

Outdoor flags provide an excellent way of advertising, offering a way for business owners to get their branding seen outside. With so many options out there, how do you know which option to choose?

Flags come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s not always a case of one size fits all. There’s plenty to think about when trying to choose right flag for your business.

When speaking strictly about feather flags, there’s a few important aspects that need considering before making your purchase.

Things to Consider

Single / Double Sided Flags

Flag printing is a cost-effective way of promoting sales events, exhibitions and networking events, such as conferences. Single and double sided options are available, meaning two advertising options can be created in one product.

In most cases, you will see printed flags with graphics on just one side, meaning the image on the back will be seen in reverse at about 95% bleedthrough. To create a double sided feather flag with the image the right way round on both sides, two flags will need to be created and sewn together back to back with a blackout film in between to prevent the opposing flag showing through.

As double-sided flags use more materials and take longer to make, they are (as you would expect) more expensive than their single-sided counterparts.

Flag Shapes

A number of different shapes are available for flag printing, including:

  • Feather
  • Crest
  • Concave
  • Teardrop
  • Angled

The frames of each shape are all similar in the way that they allow your flag to fly without any wind. Ultimately, the shape you opt for comes down to personal choice, with each shape designed to achieve the same/similar goals.

A particular shape might be better suited to your branding, whether that be wording or logos, so this might dictate which shape you go for in the end. Teardrop flags are generally the most popular choice when it comes to the 4 options outlined above, but don’t let this influence your decision.

Choosing the Right Feather flag for your Business

Flag Sizes

The size you go for should be dictated by how you intend to use it, taking into consideration where the flag will be placed. Taller flags are perfect for drawing attention in a busy conference room or at an outdoor event, while smaller flags might be better suited for use in a café or restaurant. If you intend to use the flags inside, think about the height of the ceiling before making your purchase. Some buildings have height restrictions, so it’s better to check first before spending money on a tall flag that doesn’t fit or you’re not allowed to use.

Flag Design

The design of your flag should be carefully considered first. Think about what you want to achieve when you start designing your flag or ask for help from someone with experience in designing marketing materials.

You don’t have long to grab someone’s attention, so you need to make your flag eye catching and simple. A lot of the printed flags you see will simply have the company branding, logo, company or event name, which works well. Think about using bold colours too, as this can make your flag more eye catching. The contrast between the background and graphics is equally important as this will help the graphics on the flag to stand out. White text on a darker background will provide you with a way to use bold/bright colours with text that can easily be viewed.

Flag Bases

A number of flag base options are available for keeping your flag upright and stable, including:

  • Spike – for soft ground, outdoor use.
  • Water fillable base – a versatile option for hard surfaces, both indoor and out.
  • Foldable X base – for when portability is a must.
  • Car foot base – a secure option for boot fairs, car forecourts or other outdoor events.

Where you intend to use your flag will again dictate the base you go for. Think about where you want your flag positioned, the surface type and the environment. This will help you to choose an appropriate base.

Flag Frames

Once your flag has been printed, it will need to be attached to a frame, which has different sections that slot together like a fishing rod. This makes it easy to transport the feather flag from one place to another without too much fuss. This also helps to save space when storing your flag.

Fibreglass and aluminium are two of the most popular frame types, with aluminium usually the preferred option. Aluminium is more durable but will usually cost slightly more.

Shop Online for Feather Flags

If you still aren’t sure what type of feather flag you need for your business, take the time to call UK Flag Company and speak to one of our printing experts regarding your advertising needs.